Over three years ago, we had the pleasure of working with the Parker Foundation on three animations. They aired at an event hosted by the one and only Tom Hanks in LA. Each film took a different look at the war on cancer.

Cancer is no laughing matter, but we tried to have some fun with it.

We had an amazing team that worked on these. High fives to all involved!

Full credits below.

Film 2: T - Cell Ninjas

Film 3: Checkpoint Inhibitors


Directed by Matt Smithson and Arthur Metcalf

Produced at Blacklist

Executive Producers: Andrew Linsk + Adina Sales

Producer: Karen Lawler 
Producer: Katie Smithson

VO: Jason Sudeikis

Music / SFX: Antfood

Copy Writer: Jason Savage

Design: Matt Smithson, Arthur Metcalf

Cel Animation: Arthur Metcalf, Peter Ahern, Tom Smolenski, Alan Foreman, Jake Armstrong, Danni Fisher-Shin, Stephanie Simpson, Marika Cowan

Cel Animation Support: Will Pittas, Angela De Vito

2D Animation: Mike Healey, Matt Smithson

Compositing: Mike Healey, Matt Smithson

Storyboards: Jason Longo